Your Whole Life is a MISTAKE!
Are you demanding a high return on your savings but settling for a loss on your Life Insurance? 

From the Desk of: Merle Gilley

Are you this type?

You always go for the better price…

It’s called “price protection,” a little known credit card perk. If you buy something and it goes on sale, you can call your credit card company—and they’ll refund you the difference.

If saving money appeals to you, and you own a Whole Life or a cash-value Life Insurance policy, read on…. 
You purchased Whole Life or a cash-value Life Insurance policy because you liked how it protected your loved ones.

But you probably also bought it because of the investment opportunity it gave you. While it was insuring your life, it would also accumulate cash value for the future.  

Best of all, you could grow your money in a safe environment. You didn’t have to worry about it because it was supposed to grow at a decent rate of return.  

But is it living up to your expectations?   

If you bought your policy before 2009—you could be PAYING TOO MUCH! 

Life Insurance is the only industry that doesn’t let people know they can trade in their obsolete products for a new, improved version. Millions of policies written eight or more years ago are obsolete today. Any policy that old has a premium schedule based on out-of-date mortality rates (which determines the cost of insurance—the amount you pay to be covered) and out-of-date crediting options. 

It’s high time you began treating your policy the same way you treat a savings account, money market fund, stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, or any other investment you make. You need to get the BEST return on your money. 

It is YOUR life savings, YOUR nest egg, YOUR golden years you’re talking about.  

What does that mean for you? If you have an older policy, you can buy the same policy today for less money. And they’re not just less, they’re better policies. Better death benefits—and living benefits.  

A few life insurance companies have developed new products that significantly improve cash accumulation. They also have substantially increased the coverage. How? By drastically reducing mortality costs within these policies. 

By and large, life insurance companies, with millions of policies in force, have a tremendous stake in maintaining the status quo. If you don’t ask about updated, better rates for policies, they don’t tell you.  

But policy-holders ARE discovering these newer, better policies, and are switching—and they find that it’s really easy!  

In fact, millions of people are getting permanent life insurance policies at the new, reduced rates—and are seeing better returns on their cash value in the policy. 

Here’s how: 

Since 1989 the government has changed the standard 'mortality tables' three times. Mortality tables are the key to calculating how much your insurance is going to cost you. 

Every time the government changes mortality table standards, the insurance companies are required to comply by pricing their life insurance policies accordingly.   

This means that if you bought a policy the day after the rate table changed, your policy would be less expensive for the same amount of coverage. But again, the insurance industry doesn’t tell you about this. 

  •  If you have a policy written before 1989, you could be paying insurance based on 1958 mortality tables! (That's REALLY outdated because people weren’t as healthy and didn’t live as long fifty plus years ago.) 
  •  On January 1, 2009, the government introduced the new 2001 mortality tables, and because of modern medicine and better life styles, mortality reduced again by roughly 40 to 60%.* 
Depending on your age and your sex and when you purchased your policy, you could be spending up to 70% or MORE than you should on your cost of insurance. And getting far less in returns on your money than you could.

So I say again, the insurance industry is the only industry I know of that does not want you to trade in your old life insurance policies and upgrade to their latest and greatest product.

These new products typically cost less, perform better, have higher death benefits for your heirs, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, they have more living benefits for the policy owner.
The ONLY way you’re going to know if you’re spending too much and not getting the best rate of return that you can on your policy is to call the 1-844-800-2294. A customer service agent is standing by to get you to a qualified Life Insurance agent! 
And here’s the BEST part: if you qualify for a new policy, you can take advantage of a little-known IRS provision that allows you to exchange your old policy to a newer one with NO TAXES and NO GOVERNMENT PENALTIES.  

JOIN the group that is changing their Whole Life to a new Life policy.
Call 1-844-800-2294 to speak to one of our representatives. 

We look forward to helping you optimize your life insurance policy!
Call 1-844-800-2294 
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ATTENTION: Life Insurance Policy Holders! 
A little-known, but amazing provision for many common types of life insurance is lifelong price protection of the policy. 

Yes, you read that right - Lifelong Price Protection!  

And, it's enforced by our government! A very important IRS code provides you this benefit. 

We know this IRS code very well!

In plain English, the code allowing you to exchange an Old Policy at higher rates to a New, Improved Policy at lower rates — without any taxation or government penalties — is essentially a 'Price Protection' clause included with your policy!

Here's what you need to know and how to find out how much you could save...


6 Things You Should Know 
About Permanent Life Insurance Rates
1. Life Insurance rates have decreased dramatically.
Life Insurance rates are based off a government provided rate tables called a 'Mortality Table'. These tables are periodically adjusted. 

One of the most dramatic changes - to the consumer's benefit - happened in 2006.

If your policy was written January 2006 or earlier, it was likely based on a table from clear back in 1980!

New policies are written based on the most recent tables. And the new table rates are much, much lower! Meaning...

With a New Policy, YOUR premiums will likely be much LOWER!
2. Insurance companies are required to lower their rates.
Health improvements and living longer across the general population means the rates in the Mortality Table have reduced greatly. (I show you just how much on the next page). 

With the reductions in the rate table, insurance coverage can be offered at lower rates. 

In fact, the government requires insurance companies to lower their rates on newly developed products when mortality tables drop.
3. Insurance companies are not required to tell YOU about the lower rates.
The little known secret is Insurance Companies are NOT REQUIRED to alert their policy holders of new products and new lower rates. 

In reality, Insurance Companies have NO INCENTIVE to tell you about newer, lower cost policies...

Why? Because THEY MAKE A HIGHER PROFIT if you continue with your old, more expensive policy!

The Life Insurance industry may be the only industry that does not want their policy holders to upgrade to their latest and greatest products. 
4. Good News: Old Life Insurance Policies can be exchanged for new ones.
IRS regulations allow replacing old cash value policies with new, upgraded policies with lower rates... without taxation or government penalties!

This includes the common types of permanent life insurance such as Whole Life, Variable Life, Universal Life, Survivorship Life and Index Universal Life.
5. More Good News: Exchanging or upgrading to a new policy can save YOU money.
You may be able to replace your old policy with a new improved policy and lower rates.  

6. I put together a listing of the rate reductions based on your sex and current age.
Every age group has a rate reduction.

It's my personal belief YOU SHOULD BE RECEIVING THE SAVINGS from these rate reductions, not the insurance companies! Otherwise, they're just pocketing the additional profits at your expense. 
Take Advantage of this Little-Known Provision to Save YOU Money. 
Everything to Gain, Nothing to Lose.
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From the Desk of: Merle Gilley

Your being able to exchange your dated life insurance policy for a new and improved policy is a unique opportunity provided by our government. Properly executed, it is possible you can save money, earn more interest on your money, and create more liquidity, use and control of these valuable funds.

We pride ourselves in putting the clients first. We do this by making benefits like this known to the public, and properly executing these like-kind exchanges. Customers funds are safer, earn more interest, and our clients get many more benefits for their hard earned dollar.
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Upgrading is for YOUR Benefit!
  • No Taxes, No Government Penalties - We take advantage of little known IRS provisions to exchange old permanent life insurance policies to new, better ones for your benefit. We're experts at it.
  • Get More with Less - Just like cell phones have improved, so have our insurance policies. You may qualify for More Coverage, Better Benefits & Lower Rates.
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* These figures are rough estimates based on a comparison between the 1980 CSO TABLE, 
implemented in policies beginning in 1989 versus the 70% 2001 CSO NON-SMOKER TABLE, 
implemented in policies beginning in 2009.